Southdown Methodist Church Centre

The Southdown Church Centre is a multi-purpose facility for the use of both church and community groups. The Centre was refurbished in 2011 to a high standard, providing an attractive, light and warm environment. It is an environmentally friendly building, being insulated to a high specification and heated by air source heat pumps. It has user-friendly access and is all on one level, with two access toilets.

It is used by the Southdown Whiteway Church and Community Partnership and many local community groups. It is also home to two church congregations – Horizon Methodist and Church of God Prophecy.

Rooms are available for hire at reasonable rates.

The Centre has 2 good sized halls, a worship area, a smaller meeting room and a fully equipped and modern kitchen. One of the halls (The Concourse) can be extended into the worship area to provide a space suitable for larger meetings or concerts. The two halls can be used at the same time by different groups, snice each has its own toilets, catering facilities and secure separation.